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TerezinMAST. AUDITORIUM, Via Speranza, 42 Bologna
At 6.30 PM
Organised by the Jewish Museum of Bologna
There is an unknown generation of musicians who lived until October 17, 1944 in the ghetto of Terezin. Despite their terribile destiny, they have never stopped composing and playing music.
To learn more, visit the website of the Museum.

LUISAMODENAJewish musical culture and synagogue melodies 
Viale Jacopo Berengario 20, Modena
At 9 PM
To learn more about the concert, go to the website of the Associazione Corale Luigi Gazzotti


cool tour street 2019Palazzo Malvezzi Medici
Via Zamboni 13
Room "Sala Zodiaco"
At 6 PM
In Vino VeryTanz from the DAVKA Group

03 intorno ai salmiMuseo internazionale e biblioteca della musica
Strada Maggiore, 34
At 6.15 PM
Concert by Anonima Frottolisti & Enrico Fink
Brief introduction by Rav Alberto Sermoneta,  Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Bologna
In collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Bologna 
To learn more, click here