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sottocuteAt 17, Jewish Museum of Bologna
Music composed by Gianmartino Durighello on Bibble themes and Jewish spirituality 

To learn more, visit the page of the Museum's webiste

beresheetTeatro dell'Antoniano
Via Guinizelli 3
8.30 PM
With the Beresheet LaShalom troup

concerto tu bishvatComunità Ebraica di Bologna
Via Mario Finzi
At 4.45 PM
Bologna Youth Chamber Orchestra with Rav Alberto Sermoneta
Please confirm your presence by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel. 051-232066

GECE2022Organised by the Jewish Community and the Jewish Museum of Bologna
Download the programme
Check the free guided tours to the synagogues, Jewish Bologna and Jewish Museum.
Synagogue tours (also in English) at 11.15 am, 12.15 am, 15.15 am, 16.15 am (entrance: Via Mario Finzi, free of charge and no need to reserve)