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Selichot 5.00 am
Prayers at the cimitery Certosa 10 am
Minchà with mod’à 1 pm
Candle lighting and beginning of fast 7.00 pm
Kol Nedarim and Arvith 6.45 pm


Schachrit 8.00 am
Sefer readings 11.30 am
Yizkor 12.30 am
Musaf 1.30 am

Minchà 4.30 pm

Neilà 6.30 pm
Shofar 8.00 pm
Fast ends at 8.13 pm
End of festival 8.13 pm

No food or drinks provided at the end of services.

Here are the COVID rules in order to attend:
- show your green pass at the entrance (or a PCR Test done in the last 48 hours)
- sanitize your hands as you come in
- wear a mask inside the synagogue
- use your own Kippa and Tallit (for men)

There is no need to reserve a seat (no charge) but a donation to our community is always of help!
For first comers to the Community, please send by email a copy of your ID or passport to the
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Please check the "Contact us" section.