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Torah Bologna1A remarkable discovery for what is surely a remarkable place: A version of the Torah dating back to the 12th century has been discovered in May 2013 filed in the wrong section of the University of Bologna's library.

The historic document had
been reviewed by a university professor back in 1889 and had been wrongly judged to be from the 17th century. The discovery was made thanks to Professor Perani, the head of Hebrew studies at the University's college in Ravenna, who was studying the document when he noticed something strange in the writing and expressed his view that the writing was of Babylonian origin. Since he expressed his view, many other experts worldwide have confirmed that they believe him to be correct. The final confirmation came from Carbon-14 dating that confirmed the manuscript to be of the 12th century. 
The manuscript cannot be seen by public but only experts on request.

Torah Bologna2


 Text taken from the Bologna University Magazine